Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ghana Notes

Ghana Notes
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I had the opportunity yesterday to meet two fellow JHR trainers.

Eva and Sam are two young women who are embarking on the same adventure in Ghana.

We met upat the Watermark restaurant overlooking Kits Beach and chatted for a couple of hours.

Eva will be working at a newspaper in Accra, the capital. Sam will be placed at Justice Radio in Tamale.

I've still yet to speak anyone who is going to Takoradi -- so I might be on my own.

It was great to talk about the various issues, concerns and expectations we all have. We've also initiated a couch network so that we've got places to stay across the country.

Both Eva and Sam are quite a bit younger than I -- both in their early 20s. When I met Sam, she was surprised at my age. Heh. I think I'm the oldest one!

I head back to the travel clinic today to get more shots. Although I am going to pass on the rabies shots and save nearly $400.

I've also got a break in work, so I will fill the next few days with Ghana related tasks. I still need to sort out my health insurance and Visa.

Things are slowly coming together...


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