Monday, May 21, 2007

from the "monday, monday" dept.

Greetings from Accra!

It's about 9:30 a.m. on Monday May 21.

I've got lots of stories to tell (he says, raising expectations) but there isn't much time to type (he says, crushing expectations).

I've been having a wonderful time over the past few days hanging out with the other JHR folks here in Ghana's capital. We've been to the beach, gorged ourselves on pizza, had a few pints, purchased neat things from the obruni supermarket, watched Jon Stewart video clips and so much more more.

Sunday night, after spending the afternoon at Labadi Beach, Mark, Janet, Angelika, and I cooked up not one but three boxes of... Kraft Dinner! The real deal, which we found on special in the Koala market. I spiced mine up with hot sauce and capers, whilst the others took their KD straight, with a side of baked beans. A baguette completed the meal.

KD has never tasted so good!


The plan for this morning is to hit a couple of used bookstores and visit the University of Ghana campus radio station. This afternoon we're to meet Joesph. He does some JHR work here in Accra and is a budding video editor.

But a massive rainstorm has just hit -- and Mark and I may be in the internet cafe longer than expected.

I'm heading back to Takoradi tomorrow... and hopefully the Green Turtle the weekend after next. Unless, of course, this massive rainstorm carries us away.


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