Wednesday, June 13, 2007

from the "going postal" dept.

Going postal
Originally uploaded by borderfilms (Doug).

Feel the need to send cards, letters or packages to your pal in Africa? It's easy:

Doug Murray
c/o SKYY Power FM-TV
P.O. Box MC 1231
Takoradi, Ghana

That's it!

PS: I already have goats, chickens, sheep and a kitten.

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Anonymous said...

If you write "God is good" on both sides of your packages and letters there is more chance of them getting through. Also, add NCV in the dollar amount, it means No Commercial Value. An other vital tip, send packages of 500 gm or less as customs does not inspect these. (Read inspect for valuables - hee hee)

I understand that marking "books" as the contents makes a package a less desirable target. (And yes, it must feel like a book.)

But hey, who is going to send Doug a package? Come on someone out there needs to support this guy .... really, just send a small package, like next months issue of Vanity Fair :)

..... CanuckOnFire