Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The year 2000 arrived today in Ethiopia. Let's celebrate the new millennium and hope their's is better than ours.

And speaking of good times, should we hoist a glass and cheer the end of the global war on terror?

What's that you say? You missed it?

No worries. CBC's Neil Macdonald explains in his Reports from Abroad.

A tip o' the cap to Wendy (who needs a new blog!!) for that.

On a personal note, I am travelling once again. Off to Accra today to have a farewell sushi dinner with Trisha and Graeme (Trisha worked with JHR in Kumasi, Graeme is her freelancin' hubby).

Not many JHR folks remain... I'm starting to feel lonely. But a new batch arrives in a few weeks, as does my pal Brennan Leffler -- who will be taking over for Trisha at Luv FM in K-town.

My gig is over Friday, although I intend to pop in and out of SKYY on occasion. I've got a few freelance irons in the fire as well. But I will certainly enjoy some quiet time.

And finally: I've been able to get a copy of the CTV story about Vancouver's Scott McNabb.

McNabb worked building temporary housing at a mine near the village of Youga, Burkina-Faso. He became close friends with the villagers and was in the process of helping them improve their well when he died in a car accident outside Tema, in southern Ghana.

Heron Hanuman is the reporter. Gary Rutherford shot the Vancouver material. I shot the stuff in Burkina-Faso and Ghana. And edit-God Tim Latham made it all click:

[For those of you reading this on Facebook -- you'll have to go to My Videos].

(C) CTV [Original air date: September 6, 2007]


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