Friday, November 14, 2008

from the ¨yo no trabajo¨ dept.

So week one of Spanish class is over. Holy verb hell.

But, I know more than I did, which, I reckon, is the point.

Life in San Pedro remains good. Cheap and comfortable.

The cast of characters that rotate through the Hotel Peneleu (my temporary home) are fodder for a book. From CrossBow to TrainWreck... I´ve met some every interesting folks. Stories to come.

Elsewhere... the weekend looms. I´ve signed up for a second week of Spanish... but it doens´t begin until Monday. Despite my desire to scale it back, I decided to go for another 20 hours of 0ne-on-one instruction. That should be fun and/or funny.

This weekend I´ll try to practise all those verbs between litres of Victoria.

More in a couple of days.


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