Saturday, May 09, 2009

from the "rainy season" dept.

I'm back in San Pedro la Laguna and have moved into my comfortable new home that I will be housesitting for the next few months. I still have my charming rustic spot, but will likely let it go at the end of this month -- unless I find a tenant.

The rainy season has definitely started here. Rain overnight. Sunny hot mornings. Rainy afternoons. Rainy evenings. If you schedule around the downpours, it's easy to live with. And everything is dust free and green. Apparently there is a 3-4 week period in June where the rains stop. Here's hoping!

Since returning to San Pedro I've discovered the pool (La Piscina). Since returning, I've been spending 45 minutes swimming and doing watery aerobics. This is the hopes of kickstarting my turtle-like metabolism. I've also sworn off the beer, but as I write this a bottle of Red Breast Irish Whiskey is tempting me.

The plan for this trip is to write more, exercise more, and hopefully continue to earn a living. So far, so good.

Lastly, sad news about my Macbook. First the drive failed and now the whole thing seems dead. I may have to spring for a new one as I have some work that I must do asap as I've already been paid.

And you thought living in paradise was all tropical drinks and bikinis! Ha!


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