Tuesday, August 10, 2010

from the "a change in direction" dept.


If I'm going to go through another big change, then it's time for Roadspill to change. It's time to start writing about the ups and downs of life lived differently.

It's hard to believe that in four weeks I will be down in Mexico. There is so much to do. And even though I've done these kinds of life changes a number of times before, I'm still overwhelmed. Selling stuff. Cleaning the apartment. Finding temporary housing. Booking flights and cars. Spending money. I don't want to spend money!

And, the big one -- believe it or not -- fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear that I'm making a mistake, even though I know I'm not. None of my past decisions have ever led me astray. Things have always worked out. Not perfectly, of course. But the worst case scenario has never happened. And I'm not even sure of what that would be. And if I were homeless and penniless on the streets of some Canadian city -- well, deal. Would that happen? I doubt it.

There will be more on all these issues over the coming days and weeks. First -- I must get rid of stuff. And then the rest will fall into place like it always does.

At least that's why I try to tell myself -- when I actually listen.


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Anonymous said...

Remember the wonderful feelings of lightness and ease that come after unloading the stuff you can live without.