Friday, July 18, 2014

THR +14

July 18, 2014


Today marks two weeks since my surgery. Crazy. I'm much improved and caught myself at one point last night walking without crutches. I think I might try using just one crutch today. I don't want to push things, but I can definitely support my weight on the operated leg. But I'm not completely confident of my balance yet.

The only thing missing so far is intense physio. I've been doing some exercises and walking, but I think I need a real action plan. I'll likely get the staples removed from my incision today. Once that's done I can set up physio for next week.

The weather has cooled a bit and there is rain in the forecast. Yay! After all the heat, it'll be nice to have a bit of a break and be comfortable in the evening/overnight.

I slept poorly again last night. The skin on my operated leg feels really tight -- which is new. And I definitely needed the oxy. My right shoulder and hand continue to be bothersome. I'll see if I can find out more from the physiotherapist next week, otherwise I'll go to the doctor and get some x-rays. It could be lingering problems from my fall at the end of May or it could be from sleeping in uncomfortable positions. It could even be from keyboarding too much.

I've got to deal with my toilet today. I'd be so nice to flush it without it overflowing.

But, after 14 days, I continue to improve and I'm shocked at how fast the recovery process is.


Toilet: fixed. Non-slip stuff for tub: done.

I didn't get the staples out: I'm leaving that for Saturday.

It is so much cooler that hanging around the apartment is actually nice. I did get out for a walk, though -- all the way to the bank. And I took more garbage out! Look at me! Super Hippie!

It's funny walking around with crutches. Half the people I encounter are helpful and courteous. The other half are oblivious.

Looking at your phone and not at me coming towards you? Too bad, I'm not changing course. Stick your foot where my crutch is going? Ah well, it'll heal!

It's actually kind of fun!

Also: I wonder if the shoulder and hand pain are from leaning on the crutches too hard? Hmm. I will have to test this theory tomorrow.

Anyway, the exercise count for today: physio plus about 10 blocks and 18 flights of stairs.

And maybe tomorrow I'll post a picture of my big ass scar on my big ass!


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