Saturday, July 19, 2014

THR +15

July 19, 2014

Not a great sleep last night. I stayed up late to make myself tired and sleep better, but the shoulder pain was more powerful. Even with oxycodone, it is very difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position.

That said, getting in and out of bed is finally getting easier. Which is nice.

I woke up early and I was going to skip taking oxy first thing, but the hip/leg was hurting too much. I also have to wander up to the walk-in clinic to get my staples removed. So, pain management good!

If I shoot for 9am, I can likely get in and out of the clinic quickly. If I wait until 1pm, the doctor that originally started this whole hip replacement process will be working. Hmm.

Also, I'm feeling kind of lazy.

I've finally got it out of my system with regard my frustrations with my close Vancouver friends acquaintances. As mentioned, there were lots of messages of support from the outer circle. But the core group (with one notable exception) basically vanished. And I'm not even talking about looking for offers of assistance. I'm talking about simple emails/messages/texts. Things like "hope the operation went well" etc. But nothing. Radio. Silence.

Maybe I'm not over it!

Anyway, I put a bit of a blast on Facebook yesterday. Then I went and defriended those I expected more from. Perhaps that was the problem: expectations. But it's funny how people in Guatemala can take a few minutes to Skype me to see how things went when people I've known for almost 20 years here in Vancouver can't be bothered to send a text.

Wow, I guess I'm not over it!

Right. So I won't mention it again, until I can finally leave Vancouver once and for all. I just need to complete my recovery and get rid of the crap in storage.

I reckon it's time for a vat of coffee.



Finally got the staples out. It went well and was relatively painless. Doctor said the incision looks great. I did have to make two trips to the clinic, however -- the first time I went I was told there would be a 2 hour wait. So I went home for a while.

Which means I walked a total of 16 blocks and climbed 20 flights of stairs.

But that's not all... I have to run out and get some cheddar! I'm craving a grilled cheese sandwich!


The closest market was closed so I had to walk 8 blocks to get my cheese. And climb 10 flights of stairs.

So: 24 blocks/30 flights.



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