Friday, August 01, 2014

THR +28

August 1, 2014

Another rough night. Solid sleep until 2am (thanks, Oxy!) then the shoulder pain took control, resulting in a fitful sleep. I got up at 5:30am.

At least the apartment has cooled off. But the heat is forecast to continue for at least another week. Ugh.


It's been 4 weeks since my operation and I'd say my recovery is beginning to flatten out a bit.

- There's almost no pain in the operated leg/hip
- The swelling has really gone down, but flares up late in the day
- The calf is much less tight, although there are occasional tingles
- I'm pretty much off the oxy with the exception of the odd night
- Getting in and out of bed is no longer difficult/painful
- I'm regular
- The energy level is good
- I'm positive
- Sleep remains elusive due to...
- Crazy shoulder pain and to a lesser extent, hand pain

Goals for the upcoming week(s)

- double physio (I'll start doing exercises twice a day)
- increased walking
- increased water intake
- resolve the shoulder pain issue
- attempt to use a cane (which may help the shoulder)

There isn't much on the agenda other than filing a story and doing some cleaning around here.


Kind of a boring day. Napped, watched some UK TV, did some errands. Not much else.

Exercise: 10 blocks, 10 flights of stairs + double physio.

Also, there was a kick-ass sunset:

Aug. 1, 2014 from East Vancouver, BC

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