Thursday, October 09, 2014

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Being back in my own home has helped me see how much I've healed in the last three weeks. From day to day, it's hard to tell. But now that I'm back to my regular routines, I notice how many things are easier.

A case in point: getting in and out of bed. It used to be tough and take some effort -- now I'm able to get up and out in a fluid motion, without a bunch of grunting and groaning.

Three weeks ago, I had to have my cane handy as not only a safety blanket,  I found I needed it occasionally. Now it just hangs on a peg in the hall.

Three weeks ago, I used to shuffle around the apartment, now I stride about with confidence. Except in the mornings, although yoga (next month) should help that.

Three weeks ago, I felt I had to be super cautious when showering. I'm still careful, but I'm not paranoid about falling.

And I bound up and down the stairs when doing laundry.

I still have the odd bit of pain and I often feel stiff. If I sit for too long, I tend to seize up. But I feel I'm very close to not even noticing I had my hip replaced. That will be the day when I can say I've truly recovered.

The weight seems to be moving in the right direction again. I've very close to 10 pounds lighter since coming home from the hospital. I had been this light before -- back in July. But the last few months I've see-sawed. Hopefully this is the start of a downward trend.

After eschewing wheat, sugar, processed foods and beer and increasing exercise I should think I'd be losing weight!

In fact, I've walked 16km in the last five days (including today) -- including the 4km Quarry Rock hike last Friday. And that's just the specific walks I do... the 16km doesn't include walking as part the average day.

My goal of dropping 50lbs by Christmas isn't going to happen. And that's OK. Perhaps the new goal will be my birthday, next April 26. Even if I'm down 20 or 30 from where I'm at today, I'll still be happy.

It's important. I'm older and I've been lucky. I've been given the opportunity to work on my health and fitness. I'd be a fool if I squandered the opportunity.


I went for a nice walk up The Drive in the afternoon. It was a beautiful fall day.

In the evening I went for drinks with Jenn and Chris, friends from San Pedro and CBC respectively.

There was also a nice (and early!) sunset:
The days are getting short! 6:30pm-ish, Oct 8, 2014.
A fine day.

Exercise: physio, 2.8km walk

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