Friday, October 10, 2014

THR +98

Friday, October 10, 2014

The day started with this nice morning moon:
Morning moon in Vancouver - October 10, 2014
Today marks 14 weeks since my surgery... and I'm getting closer to fine. I'm also getting lighter, slowly. As of this morning I was down 11.1 lbs from August 1. Just 48 more to go to hit goal one. 68 more to hit goal 2. 

It was a big exercise day. This morning I walked from my home just off Commercial Drive to Downtown Vancouver. I covered 6.25km on a nice fall day. Took some pictures, too.

Here's the route:
The longest walk yet!
Here's what I saw along the way:
An eagle!
A spray-painted saloon!
A leaf on a hockey net with the word 'Canada' on it!
My super-active feet that have covered over 25km in the past week!
So, yeah. It was a good walk.

Once I had a double americano misto at the CBC JJBean, I hopped on a bus and made it home before the rain started -- which was about 1pm.

Then I did some grocery shopping, had coffee with Hughesie and did all my physio.

I'm knackered.

It's just after 8pm Pacific and I'm about to enjoy a fine Zinfandel and catch up on The Daily Show and Colbert Report from this week.

Despite bad news regarding one client, it's been a fantastic week.

On tap for Saturday: bitch and brunch with TV pals and the Lions-Ottawa football game.

Exercise: 6.25km walk, physio.

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