Saturday, October 11, 2014

THR +99

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The day started on a positive note: more downward movement in my weight. I've now lost 12.7 lbs since August 1.

It's nice to see the weight moving the right way, finally. It sure has taken a lot of work. Try living without wheat, sugar and processed foods. It's not easy.

Actually, the biggest thing is beer. I miss it SO much. I haven't had a beer or wheat since Aug 25.

The weather was dire this morning. Hard tropical rain. Cold. And the forecast wasn't very inspiring. It's definitely not summer.
It's beginning to look like departure time!
But then a funny thing happened. It stopped raining and the sun came out. The timing was perfect as I had to walk about 10 blocks to meet up with Randy and Murray for a broadcasters bitch fest at Cafe Deux Soleils.

We spent a couple of hours drinking coffee, eating vegetarian food and cursing the state of broadcasting today. The best years have come and gone -- of that there can be no doubt.

Following bitchy brunch, I headed home to start poking away at work and departure preparations. I don't leave for another 19 days, but it's good to get stuff done early. Or at least half-done!

The sunshine continued all afternoon, which was nice. It kept the apartment warm -- the central heating hasn't been fired up yet.

Around 5, I met up with Brent and we went for a drink at Fets and then we headed downtown to meet John at the Lions game.

Even though there was a Canucks game on at the same time, 31,000 people showed up to watch the Leos shellac the Ottawa RedBlacks 41-3.

Panorama of BC kicking Ottawa's ass. As it should be!
Next door in Rogers Arena, the Canucks beat Edmonton in a shoot-out. Sweet!

Have you noticed that this blog is getting to be less about my hip replacement and more about regular life? Me too.

Change is in the air!

Exercise: 3km, physio

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