Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Laundry Troubles

I don't have laundry facilities in my house. Thankfully San Pedro has several places where you can drop off your dirty clothes and get them washed and dried for about 70 cents a pound.


Except, the laundry joint I've been using for years has been screwing up. Recently they've misplaced socks (4 pairs one time), sheets and more. In each of those instances I've been able to use my poor Spanish to get my stuff back.

I now keep a list of what I drop off -- which I should have used when I picked up my load yesterday. It was a bunch of towels and other lint shedding stuff. I've already learned that it's a bad idea to have black t-shirts and white towels in a single load as the laundry folks just wash everything together.

Anyway... I picked up my laundry, which was packed in a black garbage bag. Should I open and check? Nah, I thought. The most important item was my expensive bath towel -- and I could feel it in the bag.

I was wrong. Yes, there was a towel, but as I discovered when I got home, the towel wasn't mine. It was the same brand, but a different colour and stained. Ew.

So now this morning I have to drag my ass back to the laundry and try to a) explain that I got the wrong towel and b) I want mine back. Although I know that there is a good chance by towel is already gone...

Just another day in paradise!

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