Sunday, October 08, 2006

Albanian Watchtower

Albanian Watchtower
Originally uploaded by borderfilms (Doug).

During the early summer of 2005, I road tripped across former-Yugoslavia, including an area near the (what is now) Macedonian-Albanian border. While driving through the quite stunning and mountainous countryside, we (I was with friends) drove past a Yugoslavian army base of some sort.

We found this very odd, as Yugoslavia had ceased to exist -- and Macedonia had been independent for some time.

I filed it away and forgot about it.

Fast forward to tonight. I went to see a film by a Croatian director called "Border Post". It is about a Yugoslavian army post on the border with Albania. And... it turned out that the base I had seen last year was... the set!

The director, Rajko Grlic was there. After the film I went up and told him my tale. He laughed.

Now, a big part of the film was about an Albanian watch tower. I told him that I am a photographer and my business card (I have several versions) has an image Albanian watchtower that is similar to the one in the movie.

I handed over my card and both of us laughed our heads off.

Certainly, an interesting moment!

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