Tuesday, June 24, 2003

This is weird. Next week I will be in Europe. How odd. One week from this Friday, as long as Air Canada survives, I will be winging off.

I spent yesterday (Mon 6/23) exploring the Canada - US border in Point Roberts with Joe from the International Boundary Commission. Lots of fun, and a great guy. We did a bit of hiking and had a great lunch while looking over border snaps. I look forward to seeing his collection.

Another nice day, which means the guilt builds to go for a ride. Having gone the last two evenings, I am wondering if I should take a break. Still, its so nice out. We'll see. I've been working on finding more gigs. Not a lot of work out there right now. But I think I can squeeze by financially.

More as it happens...

Thursday, June 19, 2003

The last visa!

My Estonian visa arrived today, only 3 days after I sent it to Ottawa. Talk about fast! And I didn't have to pay the double fee. Hats off to the Estonians!

More good news concerning work: the Georgia Staight (weekly arts newspaper) called about the Pandy item. Pandy is a popular story! TV, radio and now, perhaps, print!

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks before I depart for Europe. I'm starting to get rather excited!

Monday, June 16, 2003

Great news! My passport arrived from Copenhagen this morning. And affixed inside was my fancy Russian visa. The next thing needing attention was my application for the Estonian visa. I called the Estonian embassy to confirm pricing and was told that I wouldn't have to pay double ($210) for my visa to get done quickly. If I was able to courier it to them by Wednesday, they said they'd be able to get it back by Friday. The woman I spoke to said she was the one that makes the visas. And she mentioned that she was going on holidays this Saturday, and wasn't quite sure what would happen to visa applications. "Much slower," she said.

So I got all the various forms, my photo, my passport, and a cheque together -- and headed to the courier. My passport is once again gone... It travels more than I do!

So all looks good. The money situation is working itself out, the visas are nearly done, and the flight leaves in just 19 days. Wow.

Friday, June 13, 2003

Everything is coming together for the Great Baltic Border Expedition. We received our Russian visas yesterday -- double entry: Sovietsk (Kaliningrad Oblast) and Ivangorod (across the river from Narva, Estonia).

My passport should be back in my hands by Monday and then I will send it off to the Estonian embassy in Ottawa. That is the last thing that needs to be taken care of before heading overseas on July 4th.

CBC Radio 1 has "bought" an 8-minute documentary on the Belize kids show host, Pandy. And they (DNTO) are interested in the border expedition and pop-cultural/Canadian tie-ins.

This Monday I am meeting with the maintainance crews from the International Boundary Commission. I'll record some interviews for research and possible CBC features.

Still no word on full-time work or other gigs. But a little here and there is getting the bills paid, so its not the end of the world.


Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Another good day: went for a nice long bike ride... the sun was shining... etc.

Did more planning for the upcoming trip.

And pitched a bunch more stuff.

And so it goes...

More good news:

CBC Radio's National show "Definitely Not The Opera (DNTO)" will be airing my story on Belize kids show host Pandy. I will announce the airdate and time as soon as I know. It will probably be in August.

No more news from Air Canada, which is good. I'm hoping they don't drop their Toronto to Copenhagen flight. I doubt they will, especially since it is the height of the summer travel season.

The days continue to fly past: as of today, there are only 32 days until I arrive in Copenhagen; 31 until I leave and 29 until the IOC announces if Vancouver will get the 2010 Winter Games!

Sunday, June 01, 2003


Air Canada and their pilots union have come to an agreement that will see the continuation of the airline. Big layoffs, big pay cuts, and probably more than a few routes will disappear -- but so far so good. At least this way, if they can the Toronto - Copenhagen flight, I will have recourse.

It is Sunday here in Vancouver. I was out for a 2 hour bike ride this morning. I'm trying to get out more often, and today marks the 4th ride in 7 days. To hell with no carb diets. It's all about exercise. Lets see if I can drop 10+ lbs before heading overseas in 34 days...