Sunday, May 30, 2004

The Deep Cove report:

Traffic this Sunday morning is once again heavy. Some of this is no doubt due to some sort of race going on. I think I walked down part of the course. Ah well...

Did the hike again this morning. 5th time in 7 days. It was a little bit tougher... perhaps doing it on back to back days is pushing it a bit.

The stats:
Weather: Cloudy
Trail: wet and gloppy
Time up: 29:21
Time down: 26:55
Dogs: 3
Humans: 10 - 15

After the hike, I went to Honey's for a muffin and coffee. Yummy! Some people I met on the trail said hi and said I could join them. I felt I was too stinky for that, so I just came home and showered.

I'm finishing up the stuff at the old place today... and then hopefully relaxing a bit.

The Indy 500 is on, but I don't care.


Saturday, May 29, 2004

The love-hate relationship continues in Deep Cove.

Last night after work, I came home and met up with Randy. We wandered down to the new bistro at the end of the street. There we met bartender Rob and the owner who's name I promptly forgot. We enjoyed meeting the staff while quaffing some amazing Sangria.

Then it was off to Deep Cove Pizza -- wow! Expensive ($24/large), but damn good.

And that was pretty much the night. Randy headed off to 304, and I to 102.

I got up early this morning and decided to do the hike to the look-off despite heavy rain.

Conditions: Very wet and sloppy.
Dogs: 2
People: 6
Time up: 29:13
Time down: 29:30

I didn't hang out at the look-off for long, as it was really coming down. Still beautiful. And I think I will borrow Randy's digital camera and post some shots tomorrow.

On the way home, I wandered past some big dragon boat race going on at the marina. And then hit Honey's for a tasty $2 Americano and a quick read of the Sun.

I met some of the other tenants -- and they had concerns about the traffic noise. The accident in the middle of the other night was a big topic of conversation. And there has been discussion of not only speed bumps, but a 4 way stop to slow and quieten the neighbourhood. This is a really friendly place.

I met up with Steve the landlord this morning. There are a few things that need attention. I discussed the noise with him -- and we'll take a wait and see approach. It's funny -- today the traffic doesn't bother me at all. And being a Saturday, it's particularly busy.

Off to work shortly... 2-11 at CTV. Rare day off tomorrow.

Methinks that things may just work out here...


Wednesday, May 26, 2004

This is going to take some work.

The traffic noise here is absolutely brutal. So much so, that I am wondering if I have (car passes) made a huge mistake in taking this place. Especially for a (car) year. I hope that I will just get used to it and it will fade into the background. But I have rarely been able to do that -- I have (car) never been able to "tune things out."

The daycare is quiet, but I can here the occasional banging (car) and (car) (car) I'm not sure (car) if its kids or some construction (car) going (car) on in part of the parking area. I hope its the latter.

(car) Today was a day (car) off. And I was awoken by the symphony of traffic. I hope that I can find some sound deadening curtains -- as the bedroom over looks this (car) (truck) (car) (car) freeway. Who knew?

On a brighter note, (car) the Flames won game one of the Stanley Cup Final. How cool would (truck) it be to be there (car) (car) (Car) (car) (car) for the festivities (car) (car) (car) and frivolity?

Despite the rain today, I blasted out of here and hit the BP trail again. It was wet, green, QUIET, (car) and almost translucent -- the sun fighting a losing battle to cut through the fog.

The results (car, car, car, truck, car):

Dogs passed: 2
Humans passed: 4
Time up: 27:32
Time down: 25:57

(10 more cars) (car)

(car) (car)
(car) (car) (truck) (big truck) (bus) (car)

Monday, May 24, 2004

Baden-Powell trail. Early Victoria Day hike -- about 7am.

Time up: 28:21
Time down: 28:22

Total distance 4k.

Weather: fab!

I love this place....


Sunday, May 23, 2004

The first night with all my stuff...

What a place!

After the movers dropped everything off (to the tune of $602), I now have a home made almost entirely of boxes.

Randy came over, and we toasted the new digs with a fine single malt. Or 3.

In the evening, Marsha came over and we hung out chatting... then went to Coveside Sushi (I had the salmon sashimi & gommae -- the sashimi was just fair).

We came back upstairs and drank a few more glasses of wine before retiring for the evening.

The plan had been to get up early and hike the Baden Powell trail -- but it was to glorious just lying in bed. Finally, around 9, it was time to get things rolling.

We stopped at "Honey's" for a muffin and coffee and then walked to the trail head. 35 minutes later we were looking back on Deep Cove --it's a spectacular view.

We hung out for a while and then zipped down in about 32 minutes. We passed many dogs, and we were passed by many trail runners decked out in their Lululemon garb. Most were pleasant. A few were idiots with no trail sense (ie. trying to run past on a very narrow bridge). Kitislano goofs, methinks!

And then it was back to the new place. Marsha has gone off to do her stuff. And I am going to go take some crap to the dump. And then relax all day!

Tomorrow, which happens to be a holiday, I work. But not until late, so I will be back on the B-P trail again... exercising away!


Friday, May 21, 2004

The last night on Commercial Drive...

And a memorable one -- a bus load of 1985 minted hippies outside and me filling boxes inside!

I shant miss the hippies. Nor the boxes.

Much to do. 6 hours of packing left. And then I pull the pin.

The movers arrive at 9am tomorrow (Saturday) morning.

Deep Cove, here I come.


Wednesday, May 19, 2004

While going through my boxes of stuff, I happened on a small box that contained some trinkets and goodies from my first trip to Europe in 1993. This was when four of us flew to Lisbon, Portugal and cycled to Seville, Spain.

I came across something that I had no idea existed: a journal of that trip. It is quite lengthy and complete.

It begins: 8:55pm ADT, October 1, 1993: After running around like madmen for several hours -- and a McD's skoff as a farewell, we went to the plant... Said Ciao to everyone. Seif, Reynold, Katharine came with us to the airport....

and so on...

Excerpts will be published here. Stay tuned.


Sunday, May 16, 2004

Deep Cove. Day 2.

I'm thinking I should start another Blog called "The Deep Cove Chronicle," as I suspect many future entries will deal with this place.

I was given the keys for the new place on Thursday. For the past couple of days, I have been running back and forth from the old place to the new joint -- bringing the bare minimum of stuff needed to leave Bongo Hell early. The weather has been beautiful, and that has created a daily bongo symphony at the old place.

So I decided that I would move enough stuff over (including a cot), so that I could enjoy the new place. The movers don't come until May 22nd, so I can't move everything over yet.

I spent Saturday setting stuff up and running back and forth getting stuff. And packing. It seems like I've packed a hundred boxes, and there is still so much stuff to wade through.

Last night I discovered that the cable television service is working (free). Since the rent here is a little on the high side, I had decided that I would not get highspeed internet, cable, satellite tv, or a landline phone. This should save $150 a month.

I will use my cell phone as my main line (which it already has become). For broadband internet, I am able to recieve several open wireless networks. And, as I mentioned, cable is free for now. So, it all seems to be working out.

I stayed here Friday night and was suprised by the size of the suite -- and so far I have found the neighbours very quiet. Saturday morning I found that there is quite a bit of traffic and, quite a bit of traffic noise in the place. From 7:30 to 9:30 it was pretty disruptive. Then it died off. Deep Cove rush hour -- who would have thought?

The traffic will be something I'll have to get used to. And, having lived near a noisy road before, I know I can deal with it. At least there are no drums!

It's great having in-suite laundry... I've already done a load.

Saturday night I just hung out and went to bed early.

Sunday I got up around 6:30. I threw on a ballcap and hiking shoes and hit the Baden - Powell trail.

It is a moderate trail that starts a few blocks from home and winds its way through the woods of Mount Seymore -- and ends about 2km later at a spectacular look-off. During the weekend, it is particularly busy. But at 7am, there was no one! It took about 35 minutes to get to the look-off. And then I climbed up to another bluff for an even more spectacular view -- looking back at Deep Cove.

I took a few minutes to sit there and contemplate life. It is an amazing scene. And it's my new back yard!

I climbed down to the lower lookoff and hung out there for a bit -- and then a bald eagle flew over!

It was time to get back to "The Cove" for a coffee. And on the way back, I met some friendly locals with their dogs. I'm sure I'll see a lot more of them, as I intend to do this hike several times a week.

It took 28:09 to get down to the trail head -- and then about 5 minutes later I was ordering a double americano at a little place called Honey's.

Then disaster struck! My keys for the new place are really tricky... and as I was trying to unlock the front door, my americano went flying. Sigh.

It is still early in the day and I feel like I've done so much. The packing will continue later at the old place. And then its back to work tomorrow -- so I will probably stay on The Drive tonight. There is also a Night of Artists meeting tonight too!

Go go go!


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

So guess who's in the office today?

Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell.

Stylin' dude... almost confronted him re: bongos. Decided to watch Tamara berate him over her garbage.

Ah, the plant.


Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I did it. I hired movers. 3 guys, one truck. $90 an hour. I hope to God the move, scheduled for 9am on Saturday May 22nd, goes smoothly.

Problem #1: I have too much crap. Methinks a yard sale will be held on May 23 to get rid of the remainder.

Problem #2: $. Alright, Mr. Almighty -- this would be a really good time for a lotto payoff. Grovel, plead, grovel.

I've been poking away at putting stuff in boxes. Hardly a dent so far. Again, so much stuff -- but what to do with it all? Chuck it? So many memories.

Anyway... work continues... with more being added all the time. This is good.

I get the keys to the new place on Friday -- so I will start moving some of the delicate stuff over, like photos and tapes.

How 'bout those Calgary Flames beating San Jose again! Now with a 2-0 lead in the series, the playoffs head back to Cowtown. Amazing.

Anyway... time for bed!


Sunday, May 09, 2004

Another sweet day in Vancouver.

Up at 6... puttered about. Chatted with Jesper who is in Denmark.
Hit Continental Coffee for the requisite double Americano and the paper.

Then... off to Ted Schredd's for breakfast. Met his brothers. Watched Canada beat Sweden to win the World Hockey Championships.

And then Calgary beat San Jose in overtime!

After that, it was time to visit Deep Cove for no reason in particular. And then, upon coming home, it was time to pack until the phone rang... and now its out for a bite and a beer with Lorne, Mike, Steve and John.

And so it goes...

Friday, May 07, 2004

This guy is unreal:

Thanks to CNOG for the musical tip. Xavier is Australian, like CNOG...


So today it was erectile dysfunction (one in 2 men over 40 suffer the droop)... and an interview with 10 time Stanley Cup Winner Scotty Bowman.

Surreal? Sort of.

It was fun talking about putting the puck in the net. Heh heh.

The movie has wrapped up, but it is a grey and damp evening -- and that means jazz on the stereo and open windows with no distractions from Bongo Park.

It's been a long week. But a good one. I fetched some boxes last night from a friend who lives in Deep Cove (henceforth known as The Cove) and caught the final episode of Friends. Pretty lacklustre. But that may be due to not having watched it for the last 5 years. Although the Ross-Rachel thing was still undecided until the very end. Whatever...

I packed a few more boxes tonight, with little evidence that things are actually packed. This does not bode well for the move. It's going to be a huge amount of stuff. Oh well.

It was great not having the solid news deadlines to deal with. Producing the health segment is almost relaxing. It's busy, but I can take mental breathers. I like that.

I am back to the news grind tomorrow (Sat) and off Sunday. I will continue the packing process... and then Monday, I am health boy once again. But the shooter that I use all week is a good pal -- so it will be a treat. He's also very good at what he does, so that will be a nice change. No names mentioned.

Well, I think I will go pack a box. Or eat.


Thursday, May 06, 2004

They shot a movie once...

As I write, Hollywood has invaded the park across the street... transforming it into a dumpy ghetto park. Hard to tell the difference. There is a spray painted statue of Abe Lincoln and all sorts of rubble. And gangs fighting. Hard to tell the difference. Except for Abe -- unless the coalition of the Bushes has annexed Canada.

Last night I went to a promo workshop for TV news. Very disappointing. Years ago, Brent, Lawrence and I thought of starting Promo Doctors -- a promo consulting business. It never happened. Seeing the guy yesterday made me think -- we should have. He said nothing new, and in fact, stomped on creative ideas and talked to us like kids. And I don't think he had a clue as to the realities of what a promo producer faces: budgets, uncooperative newsrooms, lack of facilities. THAT is the sort of stuff a consultant should take into consideration.

Plus, the style was SO Americanized. Little thought for the subtle differences between the two countries.

Of to work now... shooting a feature on Epilepsy.


Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Bit of a change in work life -- today I began producing the CTV health segment. I interviewed a male doctor about menopause. Uh huh.

Tomorrow I interview "The Limey" Terrance Stamp about Pilates exercises.

And then I go to a news promo conference in the evening.

Right now: laundry! Up next: Making lunch!

How's that for excitement!


Saturday, May 01, 2004

The hell is over.

Well, the looking hell.

After deciding to let the universe steer this house hunting thing, I went poking around various neighbourhoods in search of a new home. But it became a little overwhelming as there are a lot of places for rent, and a lot of great places to live in Vancouver.

So I decided to not worry about it -- and commit to an area first, and then commit to a flat.

This afternoon I went to visit a friend of mine who lives in Deep Cove, over on the north shore.

Long story short: there was a for rent sign in the window of his building. I checked it out. The landlord dropped the rent. And I snapped it up.

I will be moving to Deep Cove sometime after May 15th,

So now, all I have to do is pack. And I will definitely hire movers!

The apartment has an incredible view -- it has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths... wood fire place, in suite laundry, dishwasher, underground parking, and is located in paradise.

Here's the link to the community website.

Life is good!