Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ghana Notes

Ghana Notes
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The fun has started as the adventure of a lifetime draws closer.

It's been a surreal experience since I accepted the job, and as I tackle the long list of things to do, it becomes even more surreal. And unreal.

First up -- a new passport. Because my current passport expires within 6 months of leaving Ghana, I have to get a new one. The current one expires next December, meaning I got less than 4 years use out of it.

Photos were taken on the weekend, paperwork was filled out Monday, and I stood in line for a couple of hours Tuesday.

After forking over $94 and having my current passport cancelled, I now wait until Nov. 7 for the new one. If it's any consolation, it'll be delivered via registered post.

Up next: my old Buick. As I write this, I'm waiting for the towing company to come pick it up and cart it off. That will leave the garage empty meaning that I have a place to put all my stuff when my storage unit is delivered Thursday.

Also Thursday: shots and pills.

Can you hear the money fly out of my wallet?

I'm also working on scheduling for early January. It looks like I will be leaving around Jan 4 to attend a week of CIDA training in Toronto.

There's the tow truck now... more to come!

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