Saturday, October 07, 2006


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The week is done... and three days off have arrived. Hurrah!

There's good news on the work front -- a couple bonus days writing online news.

And then some time off to deal with my piles of stuff and general organizing that I've been putting off.

The Ghana interview is Tuesday morning, which should be interesting. I've spoken to other people who have gone through the process and I feel pretty confident.

So. Africa in January? I'd say the odds are pretty good.

I'll have to work some fiscal magic to make it happen... like paying my Canadian bills when I'm away. But I'll figure out a way.

The fall weather continues to surprise. I've forgotten what rain is!

Thanksgiving is apt to be low key. A film premiere Saturday night is the biggest thing in the works.

I'm also house sitting my old hood again. Heading over there in minutes, actually.

And still nothing from the taxman!

There's the shorthand version. You're caught up!


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