Monday, November 13, 2006

from the "free upgrade" dept.

Free Upgrade
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Life is good!

I'm into my second full day of Manitoba magic, and today I went for a spin to the USA in my Chrysler 300m rentalmobile.

I had reserved something small and cheap -- but the secret to car renting is to pick up late in the day when the small and cheap cars are all gone, and you get a free upgrade to a luxomobile.

It works everytime.

The 300M is a good ride, made better with the additon of my XM radio. Works like a charm, and I have had no signal break up what-so-ever.

Today (Monday) I headed to the Northwest Angle of Minnesota -- a geographic freak of nature -- it is a chunk of America surrounded on three sides by water and to the West by Manitoba. Just like Point Roberts, Washington, which is just south of Vancouver.

More images of the Northwest Angle to follow.

Also: Sunday night I had dinner with Margaret K. -- someone who I have known since grade school. In fact, I've known her almost as long as anyone I know.

We had a fab sushi dinner at Kenko on Corydon in Little Italy. Dee-lish food and tasty conversation. I need to come back here more often...


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