Monday, November 27, 2006

from the "goofy government" dept.

My Mom sent me an interesting op-ed item about the Canada Revenue Agency and some of their wacky proceedures:

Read it here.

This dovetails nicely with a little surprise the mailman brought today.

You see... this summer I was audited by CRA for three tax years and a determination was made that I owed a little bit more than originally thought. How much? We're not yet sure.

This morning, my friendly mailman presented me with two envelopes from CRA. The first contained a letter notifying me that I had been credited $99 in GST payments based on changes to 2002 net income. Okaaaay....

The second envelope contained a cheque! $99, I thought. Nope. Nearly $450! Why? More changes to my income. This time 2003.

I guess I can afford that 10.5 lens for Africa now. :)

And, I look forward to additional funds based on 2004 changes. Although the negative part of me expects a bill for nearly $450.

We'll see!


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