Saturday, November 18, 2006

In the airport

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The background:

I'm sitting in the airport (6:10 p.m. CT) and I don't have the proper cable to upload actual interesting pictures from my nearly finished trip to Winnipeg. I found this out-of-focus shot of an empty Robin's coffee cup sitting on the console of my rental car. Not really art, but it was taken in Winnipeg.

The trip is over and I now await the big winged thing to whisk me back to the land of water turbidity and rain. And a day before the Grey Cup. Damn!

I tried to extend the visit, but waited too long. So it's home I go. Although I gotta say, Winnipeg certainly feels like home. I reckon that's because it is. If not for the winters and bugs, I would consider a return. But B.C. has made me weak.

I'm full of knots regarding Africa. There is no way I would bail... but... the thought of what I am about to embark on is occasionally overwhelming.

In the end, you get what you wish for. And I've been wishing for this kind of opportunity for some time.

On Sunday I am hoping to find me a decent Grey Cup Party to watch the B.C. Lions smoke Montreal like a corned beef sandwich. Surely someone will be having the ultimate bash?

If not, I have three dozen perogies from Alycia's to cook up and join me on the couch.

The plane is about to be called... so I'm shutting 'er down.

See you in Turbidville!


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