Friday, November 24, 2006

RBC sucks - VICTORY, sort of.

RBC sucks
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So they've pulled their heads out of their asses and seen fit to unlock my accounts and give me access to my old cash and my new deposit.

How long did that take? 10 days. 10!

Now I am in a position to get things ready for Ghana and to acutally spend my own money.

Unlike CIBC, who offered to cover a cheque that Royal bounced for no reason, RBC was a nightmare.

I was lucky in that the third person I dealt with on this matter was normal and understood how silly, inconsiderate and stupid their lock-down was.

I mean, really. You make a deposit and your accounts are frozen?

I expect that at the Kim Jong Il Memorial Bank of North Korea -- not from RBC.

And while they're deciding how to make good over this massive f***-up, I'm deciding what bank to move my accounts to.

Hello? Is that the Pyongyang branch of KJIBONK? I'd like my to open a new account and get my free nuclear test viewing pass...


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