Thursday, April 26, 2007

from the "history repeating" dept.

Apologies for the formatting and lack of recent posting. I am posting
this via email because I cannot open webpages.

If the power outages (12 hours out of every 36) weren't enough, it seems
as though the internet has pretty much stopped working in Takoradi. In
won't even mention the water or the total lack of mosquito spray for sale.

Last weekend I was getting ok speed at the office -- slow, but it was
free so I didn't care so much.

Monday morning it was down. And it is still down as I write this on

The local internet cafe is slower than slow. I have been here for more
than three hours and downloaded a total of 17 emails, opened one web
page (Google) and had two chats.

I've never been so frustrated. It's worse when I come to the cafe by
taxi only to find it closed because of power cuts.

I've pretty much given up on downloading or uploading anything. It just
doesn't work and I am sick of wasting so much time.

I'll try to post to Roadspill, but even that is becoming more grief than
it's worth.

I need a beer.


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