Thursday, April 26, 2007

from the "on a happier note" dept.

Ok. My ass is killing me because I've been at the cafe for nearly 4
hours. My head hurts because I've accomplished almost nothing.

But, today is my birthday and I get to tick of yet another one in a
foreign land.

You'll recall that I turned 40 in Guatemala and 35 in Malta.

Whilst I didn't turn 30 abroad (although Halifax could be considered
foreign!), I did buy an expensive mountain bike which I road across
Spain and Portugal in the same year.

No big plans for the night. We should have power this evening (it was
cut at 6am this morning), which will be a nice gift.

I'll probably hang out with Gloria and Kewku, my roommates, on the roof.

In Ghana, it is tradition for someone having a birthday to hold their
own party and supply all the snax and refreshments. I may do that on

Until the next time....



Murman said...

Happy Birthday Doug!
Keep the great photos coming


Anonymous said...

***** Happy Birthday !! *****
_________________ o


wendy said...

happy b-day doug! whoo-hoo! have a Club on me!

Gord said...

Gord said:
sorry I'm late with it but...