Saturday, April 21, 2007

from the "sticks and more sticks" dept.


I'm at work, on a sunny Saturday, putting some images of Friday's visit to a stilt village online.

Rather than trying to post from Flickr (which takes up to 90 minutes to even open), I'll see if I can link to a couple of the images here. If this doesn't work, click here to be taken to flickr.

The dope:

On Friday, April 20, 2007, I traveled with officials from the Bank of Ghana to the small village of Nzulezo, about 90 km west of Takoradi, Ghana. About 500 people live in the stilt village built over Lake Tadane. The only way to access the community is by flat bottomed and surprisingly leaky canoes. Bank officials were holding educational seminars to ready the village for the introduction of new currency this summer.

The images:

Taking a canoe to the stilt village.

Nzulezo's main drag.

Daily life.

An educational seminar for the introduction of the new Cedi.

The group after we completed our journey. All of my recording and photo gear survived -- thanks to the dry bags I brought from Canada. They were even put to the test when one of them, containing my $500 audio recorder, fell into the drink. The pricy electronics remained dry as a bone. Phew!

More on the trip in the coming days.


I have discovered what might be the source of some of my interNOT frustrations -- I noticed Firefox (my browser of choice) had been configured to use a proxy. Long story short, I reset how the browser connects to the interNOT and... it seems to work much better.

I'm off to celebrate with a rum and mango!


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