Wednesday, April 11, 2007

from the "sticky fingers" dept.

It's Wednesday, I think.

I think, because with Easter holidays and my nutty schedule, I find it difficult to keep tabs on which day is which.

That said, I must admit that it's been a slow week at the plant. No earth shattering human rights stories, although I did shoot a story on the filth left behind at a local beach following the long weekend.

I thought for a short time this morning that my video camera had been stolen. Because it operates on North American standards, we have to use it to input all the Freedom Flame video into the editing computer at work. I've let Asamoah (the Flame reporter) hold on to the camera as he's been doing most of the capturing.

After using the camera yesterday, I put it back in his bag. This morning he asks me if I still have the camera.

No, I say, fearing the worst.

Long story short, another staffer "found" it and took it home. Though this was only admitted after Asamoah talked about visiting a Fetish Priest about putting a curse on the thief.

It all seems sketchy, but at least I have my camera back. And I'll not leave anything around the newsroom ever again!

Elsewhere... I'm preparing for my workshop this Friday. It's a general sort of workshop - about the reporters wants and needs plus general human rights topics. This will allow me to better plan future workshops.

Other than that, life is normal. I go to work. I eat dinner. I curse the power cuts.

I am also thankful that a free-to-air TV station is airing the last season of the Sopranos (Mondays at 8!).

In the weather: It also remains hot and humid. Though it has been cooling off nicely at night.

That's it for now...


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