Thursday, April 19, 2007

from the "still here, no connectivity" dept.

I finally have a small window to post a little greeting: hi.

We've got internet back at work and in the last six hours I've uploaded a couple of pictures, posted this (I hope), sent 5 emails, pulled all my remaining hair out and... that's it.

But an ultra-slow connection beats the internet cafe: I went there hoping to use the interNOT and, after dropping the cash on a cab, arrived to discovered the cafe was closed: no power.

I cabbed it back to work and found things running here -- though very, very slowly.

I've put some pictures on Flickr from a visit this week to a stone cracking quarry. It'll be part of a human rights story on child labour. Unfortunately I can't edit the titles or add descriptions, but the images should speak for themselves.

I'm heading to the wilds of western Ghana this weekend for another story - about a stilt village. Next week I hope to get to Accra...

The heat continues, but the rains have held off. Good for us, bad for the power supply. We now lose it daily - sometimes for an hour, sometimes for 12. I've given up trying to figure out when the "official" blackouts are. But we have water 80% of the time these days.

Keep the comments and emails coming... I love 'em.


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