Wednesday, June 06, 2007

from the "midweek meltdown" dept.

Ha! I thought that would grab your attention.

Actually, I have little to report.

The week has been uneventful. It's been cool. Lots of rain. I actually slept without my fan last night.

This weekend I'm going to the Green Turtle with some of my JHR colleagues (Trisha and Graeme from Kumasi and Sam from Tamale). The forecast looks very Vancouver-like: rain, rain and more rain.

Still, it's a nice break from the oppressive heat. And it'll be fun spinning tales whilst drinking many beers beach side (and under a palapa hut).

If the weather clears we hope to wander to Akwidaa to shoot some pictures and maybe even do a story on the wee fishing village. Graeme has also suggested overnighting in a nearby castle dungeon for another potential story.

Earlier in the day I received an invite to vote on my favourite Canadian magazine cover of all time. That's a toughie. But here's my favourite magazine cover ever.

With that, I think I'll head to town and get some supplies. We're low on food and I am so tired of eating bread and tuna every day. There are few options near my home, even fewer when it rains!


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