Wednesday, June 13, 2007

from the "midweek report" dept.

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The weekend is fast approaching and I am well aware of the lack of meaty stories appearing on Roadspill.

I've actually got a bunch of short ideas that I need to write. But it seems time is an issue this week.

Long days at work. An upcoming workshop. A possible JJ Rawlings interview. And another visit to the Krisan refugee camp. Whew!

Plus there are endless and annoying power cuts. And I always seem to be bagged in the evening. Pick an excuse!

No decision yet on staying here. I want to, and I think I will, but it's not confirmed.

My first piece of mail arrived on Monday. A copy of Vanity Fair. Ahhh, VF! I'm still waiting for another package... which is coming via ship and pony express.

The rainy season continues and I am told it gets worse. So far the rains hold off when I walk to work, but I know this will change. How will I stay dry and clean? Good think I have my VTV rain coat and Goretex socks.

I must say that the cool weather is a blessing, although in reality cool weather means 30C during the day, 27C overnight.

And so it goes.


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