Thursday, June 21, 2007

from the "turtle again" dept.

It's been difficult to connect to the SKYY internet hub this week.

The wireless router is broken and that means everyone has to share a single connection.

On top of that, I've been knackered and haven't been holding up my part of the bargain: writing daily blather.

I'm hoping to get some Krisan Refugee Camp pictures up today or Friday.

I'm planning to wing off to the Green Turtle again. This time with Mark, one of JHR's expert trainer and his lovely wife Janet. We'll likely stay through Monday.

I'm still singing "Should I Stay or Should I Go," meaning that no decision has been made about remaining in Ghana for an additional year. I'm now thinking of staying through December and then returning to Canada.

At that point I'll either get a visa to come back or jump back into real life in Canadaland.

Who knows!?!


1 comment:

Kojo said...

Hi Doug, can you find out what people at Green Turtles Lodge think about oil at Cape Three Points?
Enjoy your stay!