Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Final Leg

This (most recent) journey began back in late April.  A bumpy ride in a big white truck from San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala to Antigua, Guatemala.  Then to Guatemala City.  From there, a big winged beast transported me first to Houston then to Calgary.  From there, a rental car delivered me to Cochrane.  Then, 12 days later, the same car returned me to the airport where I caught a flight to Montreal and then Halifax.  Another rental car brought me out to Hammond's Plains, where I've been hanging out for the past week. 

Today is the final leg of the journey: I'm driving from Halifax to Pugwash, NS.  And there I will remain for six months.  Excepting, of course, running back to Halifax to pick up some stuff not available in Pugwash and, a week from now, returning the rental car to the Halifax airport... only to take a bus back to Oxford and then figure out how to get to Pugwash.  At this point, I will not have a vehicle (not counting the bike I bought yesterday) for my stay along the shores of the Northumberland Strait. 

And where is this Pugwash, you ask?  Right here:

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More to come...

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lawyerkelly said...

You sound like a modern day pioneer. Looking forward to your discoveries.