Friday, January 08, 2016

Cold Air, Clear Skies, Black Ice

Friday, January 8, 2016
Normann's Ruh, Isle of Mull, Scotland

A Cold Morning Breaks on Mull. 1/8/2016.

So... the 'road' on this part of the island is basically single lane tarmac. No plows, no sand, no salt. Not surprising, as it really doesn't get wintery here (yet). However, last night was clear and cold. How cold? Well, the temperature inside the house was 14C when I got up. Brr!

I took the dog for his morning walk/pee/poo and found the road to be covered in black ice. I nearly fell a half dozen times. I can't believe people drive on it, yet they do. And at speed. Crazy given the sheer drops and lack of any guard rails. If you went off the road here, you might not be found for days.

Anyway, the good thing about it being clear is that it means some sun today — which should make for some good photos. The DSLR will be coming along on my adventures today.

And so I goes... 

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