Monday, February 22, 2016

Abandoned Satellite Station - February, 2016

The sign near the entrance remains well hidden, 2016

I love abandoned places. They're creepy, of course. But they're also lots of fun to explore and photograph.

One place I find fascinating is the abandoned Teleglobe satellite station near Mill Village, NS. At one time it was an important cog in Canada's telecommunication network. Not only did signals shoot to and from space, the Bermuda-Canada undersea telephone cable terminated here.

The site was shuttered in 1995 and left to the teenagers, vandals and copper hunters of the area. I'd first heard of the place back in 2008 and visited soon after. At that time, all the buildings were standing. But the most unique attraction was a massive 30m (?) satellite dish that had been cut from its mount and allowed to crash into the ground.

One of big dishes, 2008

The crumpled dish rose out of the bramble like a monster climbing from a shallow grave. It was very surreal and very post-apocalyptic. You could almost hear the zombies moving around in the dark buildings. I took a bunch of pictures back then. You can see a few of them HERE.

Much has changed over the past eight years. My visit this past weekend revealed that much of the facility has been reduced to rubble. The dishes were gone as were most of the buildings. This is pretty much all that remains:

Teleglobe Satellite Station, 2016

I created a small photo gallery of the site as it looks today, HERE.

I plan to go back soon and will post some more stuff. Until then, here's an example of the not-so-ugly graffiti that covers most of the remaining walls.

A colourful spot, 2016

Is that a zombie I hear?

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