Friday, March 04, 2016

THR +20 Months (609 days)

March 4, 2016 - THR +20 Months (609 days)

It's hard to believe that I'm now one year and eight months post hip replacement.

The new hip (left) is still working perfectly while, surprisingly, the right hip is still showing no signs of needing replacement. That's coming, but who knows when?

I've joined the local gym and plan to attend Monday-Friday. So far so good. This was my first full week (I joined midweek the previous week). I logged 123 km between cycling and walking (mostly cycling) just THIS week. The previous week I walked 11 km and cycled 11 km.

Watching the legs go round and round...

Eventually I'll add weights and whatnot. But for now I'm going to do 25 km per day, five days a week.

Another surprise: my weight is down. 11 pounds less than when I left Ireland. Today I weighed in at 251. That's 26 pounds less than a year ago. Slow and steady...

Got mail?
Meanwhile the Liverpool experience continues. The weather had been quite nice although as I write this, there's a blizzard blowing outside.

Oh yeah, it's winter!

I've been enjoying myself, thanks to a friendly local community that is always inviting me out for dinner/fire hall breakfasts/beach visits. Last night I had a couple of drinks at the local pub, which is straight out of the Prairies: a couple of pool tables, VLTs and the bar is cash only.

Club 21, Liverpool's legendary watering hole

Yeah, it's kind of a dive... but a nice dive. There's a big celebration planned for St. Patrick's Day and I'm told the community potluck dinner is to die for. Several kinds of chowders and much, much more.

The adventure continues...

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