Friday, May 18, 2007

from the "a man of few words" dept.

It's been a good week in Ghana.

On Wednesday I managed to travel to Cape Coast for the day. The main reason was to take a break from working every day -- and do buy some books at the Black Star Bookshop. I accomplished both AND had a beer by the sea.

On Thursday I did a bunch of stuff around the house... and prepared materials for my trip to Accra and the Buduburum refugee camp.

I am now at work, exchanging emails, catching up on this and downloading that. My bus leaves in about 3 hours... and I still have to run home and pack.

I'll be in Accra tonight and the camp tomorrow. SKYY reporter Christian Baidoo will be with me for a couple of days. He'll head back Sunday and I'll stay to meet with the JHR folks for a couple of days.

Of course, there is lots more... but I have to run!


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Anonymous said...

Doug! How are you?
Rachel Bower