Thursday, May 31, 2007

from the "back online, nothing to report" dept.

Emilee, my JHR colleague, is on her way back to Accra. It was a good visit and we talked about many things including some interesting future opportunities and a case study project in August.

Apart from work, we visited a couple of places in Takoradi I had not yet discovered. For lunch we wanted a nice quiet spot with a patio. We went to a place called Captain Hook's that looked nice but the patio was closed. A waitress suggested a short walk up the road to a place called Planter's Lodge. Wow!

It's an expensive 40-room hotel with an inviting outdoor pool, comfy chairs all around and reasonably priced beer. I'll be back here Saturday to read and escape the hubbub. It's just a 15,000 cedi ($2) taxi ride away.

After popping home for a long telephone chat with CBC Vancouver regarding some upcoming opportunities, Emilee and I went to a highly recommended restaurant called Akroma Plaza. They have an extensive menu and, it turns out, outstanding pizza. It is a tad expensive at 90,000 cedi ($11 or so), but it is certainly worth it. We ordered two big pizzas. Even better: There are leftovers in my fridge as I type this.

As it's the end of the month, I've got lots of JHR reports to get done today and tomorrow. And then: Hello weekend.

More to come!


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Anonymous said...

Try the pizza at Bocadillos and you'll forget about Akroma. A nice place to have a beer or two is the patio of Harbour View, not far from harbour post office.