Saturday, August 04, 2007

from the "decisions, decisions" dept.

It's a cloudy and cool Saturday and I am at SKYY, catching up on net-related tasks.

I'm supposed to head to Cape Coast to meet Mark Legere, a JHR colleague. It's been a lazy morning and I should grab a tro-tro and get going. But Cape Coast is only an hour down the road and it's just 12:30 p.m. Lots of time. And the trip is for one purpose only: to chill out, which I am doing now.

Kevin, the new JHR guy at SKYY, was going to join me, but he's feeling under the weather today. Could be the climate change, too much work or the local gin and beer he was drinking last night. Heh. Welcome to Ghana!

Re: today's title:

I've been thinking of reformatting RoadSpill. New template additions allow me to do this, though I am scared of screwing up the site. I'd like to use a bit smaller font and find a way to add photos so they look better. The current design makes it hard to do any customization. Perhaps this is a task best left for September?

I've been working on getting the interNOT at home. There is a company, TeledataICT, that offers microwave broadband. SKYY uses it on one of their wireless networks. While it's not perfect (it's slow), it may be an option.

They're is coming out to do a site survey on Monday. Let's hope I have line of site with the tower -- and that the fees aren't outrageous. My thinking is: Even if it's slow, I can let my computer chug away all night... hello daily Daily Show!

Lastly: I had a bit of an accident last night. I was sitting in my room watching a film when I heard something skittering about in the common area. I looked over and saw a huge scorpion heading for the kitchen.

I've seen scorpions three times before. Twice dead, once alive. The time I saw a live scorpion, I remarked on how small it was before Gloria mashed it to a pulp with a cinderblock.

The one I saw last night was bigger than my hand. As I rose from the chair I accidentally knocked one of my 80 GB portable hard drives to the floor. The one containing all my Africa photos. After much difficulty I managed to get it to mount, but I don't have anything big enough to drag the data to. I'm going to have to buy a new drive... damn!

Meanwhile, I was able to capture the scorpion in a large plastic box. Kevin took some pictures (to come) and I turned the creature over to Gloria for destruction. Poor thing.

That's about it... best get going!


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