Friday, August 17, 2007

from the "in Accra, posting via email" dept.

I'm safely in Accra.

Kevin Hill (the new JHR guy at SKYY) and I arrived in Ghana's capital
late Thursday. We took a Ford tro-tro for about $7. It was comfy, quick
and air conditioned. Maybe too air conditioned -- I nearly froze my
berries off! Still, one can't complain about air conditioning in Africa.

We're here to shoot more video for a JHR project as well as attend a
human rights film festival. I have my brand new Visa card (the one that
took four months to get from Vancouver to Takoradi) and I intend to use
it. On the shopping list: a digital camera and an external hard drive.

Thursday night Kevin and I went for dinner with some of the JHR gang.
Friday we're all going to a journalism workshop. This weekend will be
the final time we're all together -- some people are wrapping things up
and leaving Ghana next week.

My first bit of freelance aired Thursday morning on CBC's The Current. A
couple of minutes of "streeters" about the discovery of oil in Ghana. I
also rented my SLR for a couple of days... net income about $250. If I
can make coin like that, staying here will be easy.

Speaking of which: I am now thinking the best and cheapest option is to
change my ticket to December and see how I fare with freelance through
the fall. If I go home in October, I'll have to buy a new plane
ticket.... without knowing if I can make a living freelancing. If I just
change the ticket, it'll be status quo.

I'll pop into the airline office today or Saturday to check it out.

I'm writing this via email... hoping that the formatting will work
better with the new and improved Roadspill template.


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