Monday, December 29, 2008

from the "climate change" dept.

One doesn't normally associate Vancouver with snow. But after the last two weeks, it's hard NOT to associate Vancouver with snow.

I bet we had two feet, or more. And of course, with something like three plows, the city became a driver's worst nightmare. Even if you could navigate the clogged streets and avenues of Canada's most expensive city, there were no parking spots. Spots were filled with either abandoned cars or heaps of snow.

I came home why?

Elsewhere, I was shocked at the lack of people in the stores and malls before and after Christmas. I hit all the big stores (Future Shop, Costco, etc) on the 27th and they were vacant. And nary a person returning gifts. Very, very odd. And ominous.

At least gas is cheap. 75 cents this morning. See how long that lasts.

There's more, of course, but, you're just going to have to wait!


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