Monday, April 06, 2009

from the "you stay classy" dept.

Broadcasting & Cable is reporting the death of Ron Burgundy-type news anchors. Those big-contract meat puppets are being replaced by multitasking reporters who actually work and work for far less.
"With the local TV economy wheezing, the mega-million-dollar anchor, tasked solely with reading the Teleprompter, is going the way of the LP record and the thriving daily newspaper.

In an era where content, not talent, is king, that giant salary is being put to better use in hiring a batch of hungry multimedia multitaskers. Those all-star anchors who have been able to avoid the sack thus far are often compelled to take on a wider range of duties and, with an “economic gun pointed at their head,” in the words of one industry watcher, do it for significantly less money
... [MORE]"
The times they are a changing.


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