Thursday, July 08, 2010

The End Justifies the Dreams

I've never been one to accept the status quo (at least for more than a year). Life is an adventure, and I intend to live it. And now that I have made my decision to leave Edmonton at the end of October, new opportunities are popping up like wild oats.

If you've been playing the home game, you know that there have been a lot of questions about my next steps. I've been asking those too.

The reason for the return to life unstructured is simple: Building passive income from internet based business. is a start -- but there are many additional ideas to explore. It's too hard to be an entrepreneur while working full time. And now that I've devoured What Would Google Do by Jeff Jarvis, I'm inspired and focused and chomping at the bit.

And that leads us to the decision part: Where to next?

It is important to keep overhead low while I work on this internet stuff. There may be zero income for some time. A lot of sweat equity is required but the payoff will be huge: freedom.

After I leave Edmonton in the fall, I plan to go to Vancouver to get my ducks in a row. Address changes, storage sorting and meetings with business partners and internet gurus.

And then the options:

1. I'm waiting to hear if I'm the successful candidate for a gig authoring a guidebook about Belize. If I get it, I'll move to Belize for six months or so. Break out the One Barrel!

2. Return to San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala and/or Chiapas, Mexico. Both offer a great climate, interesting people and low overhead.

3. I've been asked to housesit in Australia (Brisbane). This is at the top of the list, but depends on what happens with the guidebook project.

4. Move back to West Africa to work on a roving news bureau. I see doing this in 2011, but it could be moved up.

5. Make Halifax my base of Canadian operations next spring.

So: Lots of options. Some compatible with each other. Some that require serious long term commitment.

Options are good. They make life interesting. And, once November rolls around, I'll be ready to start living life again -- this time with a wad of cash tucked in my jeans.

Remember: You have but one life to live. Follow your bliss -- it won't steer you wrong.

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