Friday, July 23, 2010

from the "and so it begins" dept.

I'm moving. Slowly. And honestly, I'm not sure where I'm moving to.

I do know this: I'm driving a car full of crap from Edmonton to Vancouver. Or, more precisely, to my storage unit in Surrey.

Why? Because I'm not staying in Edmonton. That much is certain.

When I will leave for good and where I will go to is all up in the air. It could be: Australia, Belize, Nova Scotia, Guatemala, Mexico or Vancouver Island. Or none of these. Fate will likely decide. Or I'll have to actually choose.

But the Edmonton "adventure" is wrapping up. Soon, I'll have very little in the way of stuff here. The remaining bits -- chairs, cutlery, my George Foreman grill -- they're all headed to Calgary. Or the Sally Ann. Or the dump.

I'll save my parting shots for after I leave permanently. I wouldn't want to be run out of town just yet.

Next stop: Vancouver!


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