Thursday, July 19, 2007

from the "back in tak" dept.

The hols are over and I am now back in Takoradi... and midway through a Thursday workday. I spent the morning at the local courthouse with one of SKYY's reporters.

We were doing a follow story on two people charged in the destruction at the Krisan Refugee Camp in 2005. It was hard to stay awake and the case was held over for a month. Which is the 17th time. We're trying to find out why...

Lots of things going on in the background: getting the upstairs room ready for Kevin, the new JHR guy. And an article for the online site 5 Minutes to Midnight. And writing the remaining border expedition stories (and editing them for length). And trying to get a decent sleep.

But I remain healthy and happy and scheming. More soon...


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