Tuesday, July 31, 2007

From "the week that was" dept.

[Posted Tuesday July 31]

What a busy week!

I spent much of it busy as heck. Helping Kevin, my JHR colleague get settled. Dealing with the silent treatment from one of the roommates. And then having to deal with that same roommate's detention my Ghana's finest. Oh, and the theft from Kevin's room as well.

Saturday was shopping day. And I even returned to Hellcom and their standard lack of customer service. But Kevin got some stuff for his place, and I picked up some groceries. Exciting, no?

The Mapees Road is still broken. A large water pipe blew right where the road joins the highway to town. Because of this, few cars can pass and cab rides involve a surprisingly long detour. The road has been closed for several weeks because of a massive hole around the pipe. Some cars are able to drive through the bush on one side of the road, but most get stuck or don't want to take the chance.

It's even tougher to cross on foot as the rains have turned it into a field of slop.

Today, Sunday, a bunch of JHR people are arriving in Takoradi. We're holding two days of workshops beginning Monday. That will keep Kevin and me out of the office until Wednesday. We're also hoping there is a good turnout as invites went out late.

That's about it for now. A posting from the border expedition follows. And another one is coming in the days ahead.


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