Monday, January 19, 2015


I've learned the hard way that it is impossible for me to live and work in San Pedro. The noise is everywhere, and as much as I love the climate and the people here -- I'm so tired of fighting the battle to find somewhere reasonably quiet to work.

The latest example:

I moved into a house outside of the main town only to find a neighbour (now gone) who fed street dogs and encouraged them to hang out and bark. All. Night. Long.

When I moved in, the property owner said there would be some construction at the back of the property. Fine. But now I have rock cracking and chipping just 10 feet from my bedroom.

With workers in the back, there is absolutely no privacy. People chatting just outside my window. People walking past my windows and peeking in. And I can't leave the back door open to get the only light available because I get stared at all day.

The internet sucks ass. The only option is to use a 3G stick that works on the phone network. Sometimes.

The noise schedule is as follows:

0700-1600 Constuction noise, workers and stone cracking
1600-0700 Dozens of dogs barking. Occasional super loud music.

Yeah, I'm done.

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