Monday, January 05, 2015

Wormy Water

So... the thing about paradise is that it really isn't.

What I mean is that parts of living in paradise are paradise -- like the weather. But there are other parts that pale in comparison to the world left behind.

An example: water.

Although the municipal water is likely fine to drink, I don't. I do use it for washing me and the dishes -- but that's it.

For consumption, cooking and tooth brushing, I use bottled water. The big 5 gallon bottles (garrafons) of purified agua.

The bottle goes upside down in a dispenser and fresh water is always at my fingertips.

Hello Wormy!
Every two bottles, I give the dispenser a good bleach/fresh water wash to keep things clean and healthy.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I went to clean the dispenser and found not one, but TWO wee worms. They were swimming around the "fresh" water with considerable joy. Or drowning -- it was hard to tell.

Here's video of a similar (although much more wormy) bottle of water in India:

Needless to say, I scrubbed everything down including all my water bottles throughout the house. Then I set up a new bottle and shone a flashlight into the dispenser (it has clear walls) to see if the two worms had friends.

None that I could see. But that's the thing: how small are the baby worms? Or the baby worm eggs? And how many are inside me right now as I write this?

Hopefully they can't survive a belly full or beer and/or coffee. Hopefully.

I'm not sure where the interlopers came from. Did they live in my kitchen and suddenly discover an awesome pool -- or did they come with the bottle of water as a value add.

Either way, I'm thinking I need to either switch suppliers, add additional filtering or just drink beer and/or coffee all the time.

And so it goes... 

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