Thursday, September 13, 2007

from the "hack, hack, cough, cough" dept.

We've visited this issue before in the electro-pages of Roadspill. And, according to the following report from

Vancouver set to vote on outdoor patios smoking ban

Vancouver could join other Canadian cities like Victoria, Edmonton and Saskatoon, when it votes on a proposed smoking ban on outdoor patios.

Vancouver city council will vote next week on a recommendation to prohibit smoking on restaurant patios, near public doorways, windows, and at enclosed, or even partially enclosed, bus shelters.

Lighting up within six metres of any of those areas will be prohibited once the ban takes affect, likely in about six months from now.

Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan attributes the move to public pressure.

"We've had a lot of complaints over the years from people who feel they can't enjoy the patios because of the smoking that goes on,'' he said. "It's a real quality of life issue for many people.''

Sullivan said the city is also mindful of how it is perceived by outsiders as it gets closer to hosting the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

"The world is arriving in 2010 and we want to have initiatives like this in place so we can showcase some of the progressive moves we're making here," he said.

However, Sullivan said the city needs time to consult with businesses that will be affected by the ban, which is why it is not expected not take effect for another six months.

BC Restaurant Association president Ian Tostenson said his chief concern is that smokers will migrate, along with their friends, to patios in other municipalities such as Richmond, Burnaby, and North Vancouver, where a ban has not been imposed.

"If it happens, it should happen across all municipalities,'' he said, adding that such a move would ensure a level playing field for all businesses in the Lower Mainland that would be impacted by a smoking ban.


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