Thursday, September 06, 2007

from the "slow motion" dept.

I haven't written much original material over the last few days because I haven't had much to write about.

I'm shocked that it's already Sept. 6th and my JHR stint is done in just a few days. Most of my colleagues are already finished and a few have even left the country.

Wasn't it just January?

I'm still working on the video case study for JHR. It's taken more time than I'd originally thought, but that's due to a total lack of energy on my part. Plus slogging through hours and hours of interviews isn't exactly fun.

The good news is that the script should be finalized today. I anticipate editing to be straight forward, but there are always dangers with such assumptions.

I'm hoping to renew my visa today -- which will at least get me out of the house. I'll be here all weekend cursing the Church of Disturbing Decibel and trying to edit.

Next week I head to Accra to visit with Trish and Graeme before they head home.

Thinking ahead: The plans for my trip home in December are falling into place. I've got places to stay and offers of work. I still hope to return to Ghana in January. We'll see.


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