Sunday, September 02, 2007

from the "trailer life" dept.

This VIDEO is funny as hell.

And no, he doesn't remind me of me.

And beware. If you don't like the F-word, don't watch it! Seriously!

Tip of the hat to REW for the link.


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Carla said...

Aha! This explains the hits my blog got from Ghana! I was, like, "whozywhaaaa?!"

And a tip of the hat to both of you for the link back to it. :-)

While on the subject of the (once? still?) mighty F-word, the Toronto Star has decided that they will publish the name of Canadian Martin Gero's TIFF-scheduled film as YOUNG PEOPLE F------ or YOUNG PEOPLE F---ING so as to protect the delicate sensibilities of its (apparently) sheltered readers. Here's what their ombudswoman has to say about it.